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Unknown facts about Target Audience

March 24, 2011 Leave a comment

This may be know facts for few.. 🙂

Recently we had a issue that Target Audience is not working in our test environments (also in our Production as well). It all started with a issue ‘targeting a web part to a AD group is not working’. During the investigation we found following issues

-> We could not search so may Security & Distribution Groups in the audience picker tool

-> Count of members displayed in the dialogue window is inconsistent.

-> Even compiling the audience in CA does not provide any improvements.

But this functionality was working fine before upgrading to 2010.  With the help of premium support ticket we have found the resolution that, even groups has to be imported along with users. But in 2007,  it was considered automatically that all groups and users in entire DC was imported. Here are the facts,

-> Along with OU’s which contains users, we need to select the OU which contains the security groups and Distribution lists

-> Make sure you have selected the options to import both users & groups in user profile service.

-> Audience picker does not connect to AD to get the groups & distribution list unlike people picker which connects to AD. Instead it connect to DB to get the groups.

-> No. of members in the group is also calculated on the fly from the database.

-> It takes couple of incremental synchronization in order to get everything in place ( i don’t know why, probably because we have 10’s of thousand groups).

Hope this helps someone.