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Can a naming convention cause MONEY?

February 22, 2012 Leave a comment

We developers who work for different client tend to provide the client name before everything. Example client.projectname.wsp, and try to povide a sitecollection name like /clientcommunity and some go to the extent of providing a internal sharepoint column name like customerconfidentialy (we want to only confidentiality here).

Everyone within the organization knows that it is their community, and administrator know’s it is their package and particularly it does not make sense to append this to a column name. It not only does not make sense, but sometimes when you try to integrate with other systems this lead to real problem and cause money.

Here it is how it may, i was working for a client where they are classifying content in various CMS and also the office documents through document properties. Now we want SharePoint to pickup the content classification automatically from the document property, seems to be a easy one. But this turned to be time consuming, but the property names used in documents & sharepoint are different. And worst is that for some reason they don’t/can’t it in documents.

Now, SharePoint has to create new column and copy the existing values to new column, and verify /ensure this is being pushed to all content types, document libraries and lists.

Why do people give such naming conventions.. 🙂  does or<companyname>communities makes sense.. you decide.


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