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On Premises SharePoint leveraging Cloud

January 12, 2012 Leave a comment

Wish you a very new year to everyone.

Today i was reading a blog which has put a interesting solution by having on premises SharePoint leveraging the services of cloud.

If you are reading this line without reading the article then you might ask ‘why this?’.  You might have internet facing site which might face some unusual increase in load once in year (or may be once in few year) scaling out your servers just for this purpose might increase the cost. But by scaling out through cloud (say windows azure) on demand (as needed) within a reasonable time and pay only for the time you have used.

Interesting, isn’t? . The above link has scaled out by adding additional WFE’s in the cloud.

Most of you might be aware, storage and keeping the performance of  SQL Server is very critical for the success of  SP performance. Above article has induced me to think of moving (or having) on premises SharePoint storage to SQL Azure. Thus reducing the overhead of SQL Maintenance & related operational cost.

This is just a theory, but waiting for my chance to create a business case and implement this.. hope i will get it soon…





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