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Flushing BLOB Cache

We will not go through what is BLOB cache as you can find so many articles for that.  We need to flush the BLOB cache from becuase it may not work as expected and we need to flush the BLOB cache. The Microsoft article what you will get is to do this will be


But this article, i believe is missing to say one crucial information (as on 17th May 2011).  And information is that you have to execute this script on all WFE’s in your FARM. Otherwise, it is gets flushed only on the server where you execute.

One tip to identify that BLOB cache is working as expected

The images that are stored in picture library and being referenced in the page will not have cache header as “public”, if it is private or if the max-age is empty then BLOB cache is not working as expected and you flush BLOB cache. In this picture you can see,  a image named TN.jpg has cache header as ‘Private, max-age=0

Once BLOB cache is enabled and cache is flushed as mentioned in previous technet article (in all WFE’s) then the header to be expected is ‘Public’ with some max-age set.

Hope this helps someone.

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