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Share SharePoint Logs over HTTP

January 21, 2011 Leave a comment

SharePoint 2010 Logging & Correlation feature is a very great thing. It is helping a lot for debugging lot of issues for the administrator. But it adds additional overhead to administrators, when development team keep asking for logs for a particular correlation id.  This becomes very true in environments lower than production.  How to save our own time from this :).

There are quiet a few blogs which explains BCS way of doing this

It comes with an advantage of a centralized place of  SharePoint logs from all the servers in the FARM.  But in my scenario, BCS is very costly solution as DB size keeps increasing, also i want to share only my WFE log which developers are interested in. (Also i have an advantage only one WFE).

Keeping these in mind, i attempted to use a traditional method of sharing the entire logs folder through IIS website.

Create Application Pool

Name: Logs

Select the .Net Framework Version as “No Managed Code”, rest leave as it is. And then click OK.

Create IIS Web Site

Right Click Web Sites tab and Click on ‘New Web Site‘. Fill out the form, and select the application pool as ‘Logs’ which was created earlier. Here we identify the site by the host name. In my case i have given full server name as host name Eg.

Once the site is created, Enable ‘Directory Browsing’ for this site.

Now we are all most done.  But if you browse to the site you will see the files

Create New MIME Type

Select the ‘Logs’ web site from the Left hand side tree. Click on ‘MIME Types’. Click ‘Add’ and enter .log for the extension & MIME type as ‘text/plain’.

That’s it.

Now you should be able to access the logs over http. Like

Hope this helps someone.

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